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We started the sanctuary in 1993 when one of our daughters, working for a local vet, repeatedly asked us to take in strays that were being taken there. We were already involved in animal welfare, especially with campaigning against the live export trade. We were also members of a local animal welfare group, taking stalls into the towns with information leaflets concerning all kinds of animal cruelty issues. The cats very quickly took over our lives. We were unaware of the huge problem that existed, and still does, regarding over breeding, abandoning, and basically cats being treated as disposable objects, to be tossed aside when no long needed.


The cats arrive here for a variety of reasons:

1) Many have been abandoned when the owners move house. 

2) Although a cat may have been loved once upon a time, it will be cast aside when the human baby arrives because the owners think, wrongly, that the cat will somehow hurt it. 

3) Some people do genuinely have to part with their pet for health reasons. 

4) Some cats are left homeless when their owner dies or has to go into residential care. 

5) Irresponsible owners let their cats have one, two and even three litters during the year and often end up not being able to cope so they ask us to take the kittens which we are only too happy to do and we then encourage and help them to have their cats neutered.


Since we started we have dealt with over 3,000 cats and kittens.
We can accommodate up to approximately 80 at a time but try hard to make room for the very desperate ones even when we are full up.
We never turn away pregnant cats or kittens - we just have to make space.


We rely on donations and fund-raising to be able to continue our work.


All adults are spayed/neutered if they have not been already done, blood tested,  microchipped and deflead/wormed before they go to their new home.


We deliver the cat/kitten to the new home thereby doing the home check at the same time.


If for any reason whatsoever the cat cannot remain in the adopted home it must be returned to us and not passed on to anyone else.